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Pastry bakeries

Sourcing and product range

Following its many years of milling experience, Beity’s group of flour mills has acquired extensive knowledge on the many wheat varieties offered by nature. Each wheat variety has specific properties. These properties are well-known and purchased by our buyers for further processing by our operators and millers into various flour types for specific applications.

In addition to the standard wheat milling method, Beity offers some specific processing technologies thus adding specific properties to our flour and flour products. This makes it possible for our customers to differentiate themselves with their products.

Think, among other processes, of micro grinding, heating and wind sifting.

This way, our products match our customers’ applications which makes it possible for them to distinguish themselves with their product.

Think in this respect of flour types with a specific viscosity for the snacking industry and for manufacturers of soups and sauces. Our range also includes special flour varieties for the production of pastry.